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April 23, 2019

MIP eau de cologne 2019 360 px

The fabulous story of the "Eau de Cologne"
The International Museum of Perfumery organises an exhibition dedicated to the "Eau de Cologne". Throughout the centuries since its creation in 1709, the "Eau de Cologne" is today one of the essentials of the perfumery, an authentic exercice of style that every perfumer engages in by adding his personal touch.
To discover at the MIP in Grasse from June 21, 2019 to January 5, 2020.









April 2, 2019

news letter 1 ENG 360 px

Fragrance Influence News Letter #1
All the perfumed news are on the Fragrance Influence news letter.
In this first edition, discover all the fine fragrance new launches of the first semester.
To uplaod the news letter, click on the following link :  Fragrance Influence News Letter #1


March 7, 2019

journée du parfum 2019 360px

If I were told the fragrance...
The 21st day of perfume and its nose contest will take place on Sunday March 24 at the Palais des Congrès of Grasse, from 10am to 7pm. Discover wonderful scented tales animated by perfumers of companies from Grasse:
- "Beauty and the Beast" by V. Mane Fils
- "Pinocchio" by Robertet
- "Aladin and the Wonder Lamp" by Payan Bertrand
- " The Little Prince" by Azur Fragrances
- "Alice in Wonderland" by Parfex
- "Castle in the Sky" by Expressions Parfumées





February 14, 2019


"Tropical VIbes"  Fragrance News
Joyful and carefree spirit, summer colors and scents
Sparkling, solar and luminous fragrances with festive accents.
And you, what will be your next destination ?
For more info regarding fine fragrance launches : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

February 13, 2019


"Intense Incandescence" Fragrance News
New sensual and bold fragrances with a touch of anticonformism...
Voluptuous oriental accords with gourmand and amber inflexions.
To discover soon !
For more info regarding fine fragrance launches : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


February 12, 2019


"Liberty Blossoms" Fragrance News
Petals rain, floral enchantment, the new fragrances of the moment celebrate natural elegance and grace.
White flowers notes with light fruity inflexion (lithi, apricot) and some ultra feminine floral chypre accords.
To smell urgently !
For more info regarding fine fragrance launches : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

February 11, 2019

PINK FANTAISY 02.19Fragrance News  "Pink Fantaisy"

Many new launches right now around good mood, hapiness through a very girly spirit.

A real gloom antidote, an authentic celebration of freedom, joy and happy femininity.

For more info regarding fine fragrance launches : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



January 29, 2019 

FINE FRAGRANCE TRENDS 2019 page de couv 360px

2019 Fine Fragrance Trends
At the first lunch of the year organized by the Pôle PASS, I'll have the honour to present the new fine fragrance trends, the focus will be on opportunities to seize.
Appointment on Tuesday, February 5th from 12 to 2 pm at the Jacques-Louis Lions space in Grasse.
Information and reservation by email at the following adress  : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



January 14, 2019 

MD FRAGRANCE Plaisirs Fruités 100 Naturels page de couv 360 px

100% natural fragrances
The craze for naturals explodes in 2019 !
The fragrance collection "Fruity Pleasures" designed by Marie Duchene - independant perfumer - is delicious, sometimes velvety, sometimes acidulous, always fresh, 100% natural and Cosmos Organic.
For more info, feel free to contact Marie Duchene : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


November 28, 2018 

GRASSE récolte rose 2

Grasse in the Unesco
The savoir-faire related to perfume on the Grasse region are offcially registered to the immaterial cultural heritage of the Unesco since today!
For more info on the savoir-faire related to perfume on the Grasse region : savoirfaireparfum.paysdegrasse.fr/en

October 15, 2018 


Meeting with  Monsieur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud
It was an immense pleasure and a beautiful source of inspiration to exchange with Monsieur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, master parfumer of the house Louis Vuitton during the visit of "Les Fontaines Parfumées" in Grasse where he has from now his creation office. 
The secrets of this renowned perfumer ?
Work, humility and contemplation ... and probably a great dose of talent (whatever he might say about it !)
To discover the universe of this great nose, I invite you to watch the report that the French TV dedicated him on March 2018 : Jacques Cavallier and Louis Vuitton




October 9, 2018 

GIVENCHY Linterdit 10.18 360px

Givenchy L'Interdit  : the irresistible attraction of the illicit...
The French fashion house incites women to break the conventions, to experience the shiver of freedom and forbidden sensations.
The new fragrance promises the forbidden union of a white flower and a black accord. Perfumers Dominique Ropion, Anne Flippo and Fanny Bal (IFF) created "a narcotic and luminous bouquet" made of orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose, highlighted by "smoked and hearthy accents" of vetiver and patchouli.
Very successful promotional film - realized by Todd Haynes in the Parisian subway to illustrate the  "underground aspect" of the fragrance.
To have a look at the TV ad  : Givenchy L'Interdit - Commercial





September 4, 2018 

fabrice pellegrin 7 versions bleu 360 px cadre

The art of sharing : conference led by Fabrice Pellegrin
To celebrate its 10th birthday, the International Museum of Perfumery puts in the honor perfumers.
On Saturday, September 15th, Fabrice Pellegrin, perfumer at Firmenich, perfumer of the yeazr 2017, will liven up a conference around "the art of sharing".
Save the date in your schedule !


August 27, 2018 

Maurice Mane 360 px

Goodbye Mr Mane...
Iconic figure of the perfume industry from Grasse and worldwide, Maurice Mane passed away on August 21st, at the age of 91. 
Since condolences to his family.

August 9, 2018 

anniversaire 08.18 V6 ENG 360px

Fragrance Influence blows its first candle ! 
Fragrance Influence celebrates its first birthday. As the founder, this anniversary is the opportunity for me to thank you all for your trust.
Thanks to you, fragrances producers, independant perfumers, manufacturers of perfumed products, schools and training institutions fo the fragrance sector, producers of raw materials, ... our agency becomes a recognized actor of the fragrance industry.
This first year of existence showed that outsourcing marketing and fragrance development department is meaningful and the service that we proposed is highly appreciated by companies of the sector.
Years to come will be, I am sure, the opportunity to make beautiful meetings around perfume, to create and to develop many new perfumed projects.
Confidentiality, professionalism, trust and experience are key elements of our success.
Thank to all of you who trsuted me from the beginning of this adventure and thanks also to all others who will trust us very soon.
I wish you all a very pleasant perfumed summer !
Nathalie Sahut


July 26, 2018 

HM 360px

H&M : new fragrances collection développed by noses of exception 
The Swedish group H&M has worked with the perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Nisrine Grillié from Givaudan, the famous French house of perfumes to create 25 high quality juices at a very affordable price. 
3 collections to discover from the next August 16 :
  • "The Singles" dedicated to the youngest of us (5,99 €, 20ml)
  • "The Reverries Reveries" oriented on emotions (14,99 €, 75ml)
  • "The Essences" which contain noble essences such as rose absolue or sandalwood (24,99 €, 50ml)

Plus d'info: http://www.elle.fr



July 9, 2018

Grand Musée du Parfum 360 px

Grand Musée du Parfum
18 months after its opening, the Paris Great Museum of Perfumes closes definitively its doors !!!




June 29, 2018

Feminine 2017 Best FF Launches 06.18

Feminine Fine Fragrance 
The best feminine fine fragrance launches of last year are Mon Guerlain, Gabrielle and Scandal.




June 8, 2018

GALERIE OLFACTIVE article Nice Matin 360px

The perfumers in jail for the Olfactive Galery 
The first edition of the new event around the fragrance is a total success. Schools, perfumers and niche brands have shown their knowledge with originality & conviviality. Many beautiful meetings, to renew more often in Grasse!









June 1st, 2018


Olfactive Galery 
June 7 to 9th, 2018, the first Olfactive Galery will take place in Grasse in the old detention center (transformed into agreat floral and olfactive greenhouse).
Come to meet all the actors of the fragrance industry: producers of flowers, houses of composition, braneds and distributors.
For further more information: www.nicom-international.com

May 29th, 2018

WPC 2018 small

WPC 2018 
June 5 to 7th in Nice, the World Perfumery Congress is the global stage for fragrance creativity, ingredients, technology and business - providing the ideal forum for discussing the industry's latest issues and breakthroughs.
For further more information: www.wpc.perfumerflavorist.com

May 14th, 2018

une rose une caresse 2018 360px

One Rose, One Caress 
Humanitarian action on Sunday, May 20th, in the Gardens of the MIP (International Museum of Perfumery) in Mouans Sartoux to support the action "One Rose, One Caress" organised by the Club of Entrepreneurs of Grasse.
Many amazing workshops for little and big ones during this day. All collected founds will serve to offer  well-being cares to the patients reached by a cancer during their treatment in the Hospital Center of Grasse.
For further more information: www.rose-caresse.com


May 8th, 2018

jardins des parfumeurs 360px

The Perfumer's Gardens 
Fragrance event on Sunday, May 13th, within the Expo Rose exhibition, creators of perfumes of exception surround the garden of orange trees in the International Museum of Perfumery in Grasse.

April 20th, 2018

le grand musée du parfum

New Olfactive Nocturne in the Grand Musée du Parfum of Paris 
On Friday, April 27th from 7:30 pm to midnight, 1st night edition to the museum around the theme "Perfume and Chocolate" in the presence of Elisabeth de Feydeau, Doctor in history and fragrance expert.
For further more information: www.grandmuseeduparfum.fr

April 19th, 2018

expo rose 2018 360px

Expo Rose in Grasse : 10th to 13th of May, 2018 
Expo Rose is the key exhibition of the city of Grasse. Creators & producers of roses are highlighted. Floral & festive animations, danses, perfumed streets,...
For this 2018 edition, the city of Grasse has chosen the 70's with a "Flower Power" atmosphere. For further more information: www.facebook.com/exporose

April 13th, 2018


Fragrance Days in Grasse
This week end, saturday the 14th & sunday the 15th at the Palais des Congrès of Grasse, the Rotary Club organises the 20th edition of the Fragrance Days with François Demachy (Dior Perfumer Creator) as President of Honnour.
Conferences on saturday afternoon with the participation of Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Louis Vuitton Master Perfumer.
On sunday, discovery stands around the Five Senses led by perfumers of companies V. Mane Fils, Robertet, Payan Bertrand, Parfex and Azur Fragrances.








March 7th, 2018


FF 18 : the latest feminine trends
The analysis of the latest FF 18 feminine trends is ready !!!
35 new major launches of the international selective fine fragrance market through 6 new trends deciphered for you !
Olfactive profiles for each trend with a special focus on new fragrance accords or ingredients of the moment.
For more info : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.