What I still want is just a little thing, to live together with the one I love …”. December - Stear’s Memorial Burial in Lakewood. Excellent job. The kids also leave the school in London before WWI starts this summer. 1916 - Candy receives a letter from Susanna. He was there at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. If you make a mistake or the pen leaks ink, you will have to start all over again. At the same way the upper-class. In Candy and Terry’s poems she uses anohito only as a pronoun, without any emphasis and not to indicate that he is the person with a hidden identity that she loves as Nagita instead uses in Final Story for her special anohito. She even told to herself that she finally made a peace with her pas with terry ( remember time when she and albert were in front of the fireplace after they both got away from lakewood on candy-neil's engagement)Making her marry terry seems too shallow for. At the moment I don't feel like writing a comment to this big work yet, however I've just read the previous comment about Albert's doubtful possessiveness and I'd like to answer to that post. Nobody knows they talk for first time 15 years ago - Candy tells Anthony about “her prince” and the medallion, but Anthony dies. Susanna dies a few years after this, 1923? Some people could keep convincing others about Terry being anohito. Well in the translation of last Tuesday, Terry relate that his family "had their power for found the Academy... also they built the church"...so that is the oldest and powerful family that could have that jewelbox tradition in a real sense. In December 1936, - their affair was the scandal & the commotion of the decade. Actually in Japanese Candy means like two soul who wants to be together two bonds enlase to each other a string to connect two soul in one,is more like we are so much in love our soul and hearts likes to be conect enlase to each other, The work is excellent, thank you Bequi!! I haven't remembered she ever confessed her love to Albert, naming him by name. Candy falls in love with millionaire Sir William Albert & they live happily ever after? Albert n'a que 11 ans de plus que Candy, et il n'a pas élevé Candy. Anyway, at that time it's clear that he longed to stay by Candy's side all the time. so clear for any intelligent mind!!! You spoke what's on my mind. 2. Almost a year later by early spring of 1919 William A. Ardlay tell her, that he is also the young teenager she met 15 years ago at the hilltop of Pony’s home. You have sex in an open-forest area. For some reasons, you took my comment way more personally than you should have had. So, Terry died and that explains the complete works of Shakespeare in Candy's library. We know very well whose arms she ran to in the manga version, which made me wonder - did Mizuki intentionally end the novel that way? But perhaps, the biggest difference is that Albert is not a mere secondary character as before, he gains leadership as he writes & narrates, he guide us in first person, bringing his own flashbacks to the novel. You should’ve seen the look on your face! ========================   CHRONOLOGY  ========================. He sacrificed his life (father name, comfort) for his first and only love: Candy. He's Candy's adoptive father but so what, that'a different story. Puerta hacia la felicidad La suave brisa sopla aquí­ Ahora comienz... o a caminar Ese dulce hogar, la vieja gente familiar Maravillosos recuerdos que nunca olvidaré Ahora saldré con una pequeña sonrisa Para buscar mi propia felicidad Soy yo misma quien abre la puerta al mañana Él me mira desde el cielo brillante Ahora comienzo a … To understand the chronology we need to go back to the last months of 1915, because Candy first needs to go to New York, to see Terry and to come back with a broken heart (B2/pp230), also Susanna’s letter to Candy that we read in page 278 and Candy's Retrospection on the Separation scene p.237 should be included/read now at this same time. After all Candy supported Terry a lot in becoming a great actor. They all share the same purpose - to write out her thought records in the given moment. Join our community of Terry fans. They both help to shape Candy. So my apologize for candy candy nation, who´s post of April 22/2014 is the link for a video with anohito identity in one of the Mizuki´s poem of an old art book. The Eros quite evident and magnified in CCFS, and the Agape manifested in their self sacrifice of their love for the greater good of a third person, Suzanne Marlowe.One needs to read CCFS in its entirely and more than once, and then reference Mizuki’s essays of past and present to understand the Myth, Method and Motivation of CCFS. (p.283). Y ese comentario además de intolerante me parece Irrespetuoso. Thank you! However, in my opinion, despite the position placed here, it does not add up to a convincing argument.If you honestly believe Candy ended up with Albert as you do affirm that Miizuki did so in the manga, novel and amine, would it not be a tad ridiculous for Mizuki to go through this exercise of writing Final Story only to kill the Suzanne Marlowe (to give some fans a very good reason to celebrate) and leave the revelation of Candy's spouse only as an un-named "That Person?" So , she never thought of him like a brother or any kind of kinship. Finally Candy tries to have some closure about her feelings for W.A. Just in time for the anohito came back from work. the love that candy declared for T.G in her diary!! So what? By April? She was an orphan and, in Elroy's point of view, not suitable for Anthony. However she prolongs the agony of fans trying to find hints, making analysis and trying to persuade their rivals that their understanding of story is truly right (how any one couldn't see it????;-)). All the evidence extensively discussed by my beloved Lady Gato (which iam not going to repeat) prove that anohito is Terry. She married the only man she ever loved as a man/ lover not as a friend/father figure. Let’s see; Superman (or Kal-El) is an extraterrestrial (from Kryptonian) that has superpowers in earth, for him to camouflage among civilians needs to “create” an ALTER EGO; the clumsy photographer Clark Kent. Well if you believe that candy is with albert with your heart more than with the logical reason, its ok for me, as a fan we can believe what our hearts say with our feelings interpretaions. It is living with the ones you love. See more ideas about daffodils, terry, dulce candy. But, once again i don't have any book to confirm. Did they live together under the same roof as father and daughter? No Terry is not Anthony Mizuki makes clear its not possible in order the Terry and Anthony can be the same person he has to be Albert too..and she makes clear when W.A is with Candy Terry is in NY with susanna ccfs is really bad contruste like a novel but is not bad at all Mizuki uses slice of life basing in the sociate 1920 ccfs she uses some important events the in real life occur in that area;even mizuki writes the Terry choose for sussana was better option for his actor carer and Candy can be a obstacle in socially and sussana was a better options candy knew when he said be happy before candy come back to the present when Candy said the letters given her pain she is in the pass this part its so important. This is extremely out of balance against Terry, as Mizuki makes Albert together with Candy the main character of the section, just before Candy comes back to her present day and runs into the warm arms of Anohito. Un-official sources : many fan discussions/forums ( try to read both sides of discussions).Even Mizuki, the author, once had stated in interview that Albert was the predestined love of Candy's. They care about each other very much but it was always Terence who made Candy's heart beat fast and made her breathless. In May, now with 15 years Candy gets her first kiss, and finally gets closure about Anthony’s death. Shorter than those born here I have thought about it. Puppy love, Adolescent love ( some might have more than 1 in this category), and True love. Muzuki revealed/allowed Susana's death exactly for this purpose. A love we all mostly have in our early adulthood. And I find it's hard to believe this is the true story behind CCFS when she didn't actually put any kind of "romantic relationship" between Candy & Albert IN WORDS (not to mention she did actually remove all romantic hints which are clearly included in previous version of novel). This book is about Nagita’s personal journey, this book is about my life, this book is about you... about the first memory you have.. going to pick-up your sister from school.. walking with your mother to the market.. waking in your bed with the first rays of dawn, raindrops in your face, you crushed a snail, you enjoy the sunsets, stealing fruit in the summer, the first time you saw the snow, the smell of your mother’s beef stew invading the whole house, walking barefoot on the grass, you learnt to bike, you slap your sister, you learn to swim, your skirt broke and you almost got naked in public - (this is the worst day of your life) your sister hates you, you’ve got your first period (this is definitely the worst day of your life), Xmas at our grandparents is always the best time of the year, you’ve got your first kiss (this is the best day of your life), you are in love, you are stalking a guy, you don’t know why but your sister isn’t talking to you. She has been in silence in the last years...and would be so nice to have her last interview if has been one talking about FS recently and talking about Terry´s fans. Thank you for your immediate reply!”. So in this letter, she writes about how shock Archie was, a year ago, after Albert reveals himself to society as Great -Uncle William, but in reality she needs to tell someone else, that she is also in-shock because he is the prince as well. Sadly for Terry.He should get over.After all he had told her to be happy no matter what. In the USA, to marry you would need a, were understood an extend contract between two families and no two individuals; In the case of Archie marrying Anne the consent is granted by Uncle William. Was this to appease fans of both sides? Women think or attempt suicide more often than men, unfortunately, men succeed at it, 73% of all suicide deaths (in the USA) are white males. by the end of the war, Archie is studding in Massachusetts and Candy & Albert start their correspondence) giving us a slightly new chronology. There are also three pairs of events that at first might sound like the same thing, but there at least a year apart from each other, these 6 events are; Stear’s Funeral (c.1916 or early 1917) held in Chicago to which Candy is not invited to go & Stear’s Memorial (December 1918) held in Lakewood to which Candy attends. When I found out about the new books I decided to learn Japanese and the culture. As readers we cannot rush things, we have to let Mizuki & Candy to tell us the story and avoid preconceptions and choices that will lead us to that specific “Anohito” we had on mind. She lives in the same manor as Anthony and they spend time together, Anthony starts to behave differently;like getting into a fight with Tom. Candy Candy » Candy Candy Final Story Pages: (3) 1 2 [3] ( Go to first unread post) My advice is first gather your material (go to different sources - eg. Without even thinking about it, I fold my hands together tight. I forgot about Amor Aeternus http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5401973/27/Amor_Aeternus - indeed in chapter 27 there are some of the letters from section III to the end of the epilogue in the novel covers pgs. But these are not the only stages, following the continuous succession of events the different characters represent key steps in the human development, one after the other one, in life’s continuous motion. Strange, but somehow also loved Candy THREE times, there seems to be, different guys, but as it turned out, the one and only.There is a saying that each of our love shows in the object preferences ideal features of our Creator.So I was not surprised when you finally come to a conclusion. On the contrary, in the UK the marriage license didn’t change much since the Middle Ages, there is. With the clues I mentioned before for me is a sequel. And I do not dare to write a sequel, yet again, will not experience the same amazing feeling" short She wrote that the novel is full of hidden meanings and symbols that it does not claim that this story is compared with the deepest history of the Creator, but it is hoped that "the time comes to harvest, and this novel will bring the shoots." I still do not get the whole thing quite well as most posters seem to, though. In late spring or summer of 1918, - she finally meets Great-Uncle William (1) asking him to cancel her engagement with Neil, to her surprise, her benefactor was none else than Albert himself. Il semble que certaines personne n'est toujours pas compris la relation entre Candy et Albert. Candy in a last attempt to heal, this is the third time she finds love to immediately lose it again, tries to get some closure writing a letter to Anthony (8). In the novel, he is the only character holding the title “Sir” (reserved to lower nobility - either an Earl, a Count, a Baron or even a knight of the Kingdom). The correspondence with Albert and the letter to Anthony happened long before that. This is understandable, if you grew up and appreciated the true love. I really enjoyed reading your interpretation, though I would love to read the book, too. With you but she used your idea for her own benefits she only trasform everything for Terry.even the Terry fans cant tolerated.but dont worry I set a big tramp for her She said Mizuki personal tould her TERRY her ideas sound to cheese. My TROYAN ANSWER DEAR BEQUI, I PREFER THAT TO BE A TROLL, http://journal.bequi.com/2015/07/terry-es-anohito-teoria-de-lady-gato.html?showComment=1436145833394#c9171793840444879164And what is my preferred food?? Equivoqually rewritten out of respect for fan's feelings (some fans) , that explains the artificial introduction of Susana's death and Terry's note to Candy..."You can not say that is equivoqually rewritten out of respect.... the writer must write what she has in mind for her characters thinking on them, not in the fan´s respect... and yes she though in her fans when she obscures Candy´s husband, she doesn´t want to hur directly, but Candy and she knows who is the person Candy´s has love more than any one else... Wow, we are still trotting out that 3 loves quote as absolute proof that Anohito is Albert-san?? Annie/Archie’s engagement party in Lakewood (spring, c.1920) & Annie/Archie’s wedding day (c.1921). )Mizuki is an expert, she is extraordinary with kanji... don’t even try!! We have the two finalists. Sorry, my apologies, yes you are right at the end I wasn't sure where your comment was standing, and I overreacted on my last reply; It still stands that anyone thinking Terry has a monopoly over Shakespeare is an ignorant, I am glad it is not your case and I was complete wrong about you, I am sorry for my words. - Terry writes to Candy - he won't get a reply." Yes, the correspondence in the epilogue is very romantic - it might not seem so to us, in our giving time - but anyone else reading these same letters 90 years ago, will have a very different idea - Aunt Elroy sure, would have a heart attack - and yes, Candy is very aware of W. A.’s feelings for her, and, so by the way, is he aware of her feelings for him. I've always been a Terry's fan but you may be right with your analysis. The retrospectives keep jumping, moving randomly and covering as far back as 1860’s till 1919. Yes, Candy did come at the Regan's party,and when Albert asked her to be beside him for the photo she declined, as she thought it was not her place. We know he dies before the US involvement in the great war (the date was April 1917). The first thing we need to understand is where the person  “Albert” stands in the present time of the novel. To forget his persona as William Albert Ardley. Other wealthy, upper-class men are addressed as “Mr.” except for the Great Duke of Grandchester (which is high nobility). Anonymous March 2 : you answered your own question. You travel to the Arctic with your son to see the northern lights, it is breathtaking. But I advise you to read the Italian translation of CCFS in detail to see how can you adjust your hypothesis with Mizuki´s words in that language. From the begining, Albert is the true love for Candy. So WHY is there no reply letter?When she received Terry’s letter, she was probably working at Pony’s home for the last 10 years, taking care of the orphans with Ms. Pony and Sister Mary. Germany is going to challenge their supremacy in two occasions (resulting in two world wars) and it won’t be until 1945 that the world power finally shifts from the old Europe to the east (Soviet Union) but specially to the west; USA has been driving the world since the second world war. Was she really over Terry or was she only suppressing her feelings to the level of living comfortably? Albert is back from his traveling and goes to meet Candy in Pony’s hill to bring her to Lakewood - pp.316-322 - this was going to be their most romantic moment, but instead of being in each other arms loving each other, W.A. returns the diary back to her (7). I believe they represent the same feeling- the loss of innocence; is that moment when you realize that life is not pink (you’ve already left childhood behind, you’ve already become a woman (physically), but you might still be innocence) -  the loss of innocence it is a huge disappointment that might develop into a severe depression (thought of suicide in extreme cases), or indeed symbolize a broken heart or maybe even the first sexual intercourse (lost of virginity/lost of innocence). I have to admit that this love story (between Candy & Albert) is summarised beautifully and it would have made a great novel if Mizuki had truly writen it in her's books.However, all (I have to say 'all', not 'most of') details of this love story are out of CCFS, they are just your way of understanding of Mizuki's words. Lui è lì, l’attende con le braccia spalancate, in salotto, dove il quadro di Slim riporta in quella stanza la Collina di Pony in primavera. As pastimes we have embroidering and household for women & cigars, liquors, gambling and a lover for the rich men. There you go, you’ve got yourself the novel & the ending you always wanted. I really think that this is the only explanation why there is no further correspondence between Candy and Terry after Terry's short letter ("I haven't changed at all"). From the manga and anime, Candy was in love with Terry till the end (she still thinks of him). Candy, won't you please do the same? Oh you wish! Meaning, Candy's Letter to Archie is written after she finds out; Albert is also the Prince of Pony’s Hill. Yet in the manga and in the Candy Candy Final Story Mizuki goes into write “あの人”;  - the most formal most respectful form of writing. I meant to say that it is no coincidence that Mizuki is mentioning the river Avon, because everybody who knows a tiny bit of geography and literature will of course think of Shakespeare. I thought to myself, Isn't it obvious that she will be with Albert? but easer now and you can buy it in Amazon.it, fast and save delivery!! I think you knew this yourself, and for some reasons decided not to mention it in your analysis. Chances of Albert dying are also very real, (no because he had a concussion) but without proper care & help he could die of malnutrition or hypothermia (street homeless) - shelters for the poor hardly exist. a real love never ends!! creates the "imaginary family Ardlay (or Ardrey/Andrew/Adore) " to relieve her loneliness and to help her heal from her father’s death. To me he is the sum of all the loves of Candy, which makes him her perfect half. Hello, for myself t should have finsh this way: Candy with Albert ! The arrival of Annie at St. Paul B1/p. And at 12, she lost her father. (what? I truly adored reading your posting. she is not confused, she really knows her love feelings for Terry are over (6 years has passed since their relationship in the UK, and 4 since they broke up in New York). The only one that set traps and didn´t work was Eliza!! (Remember that the spring equinox in the north hemisphere is the 21 of March and equals to 12 hour daylight 12 hours darkness, but also the closer we get to the arctic circle the spring days till beginner of summer are the longest of the year). The conclusion is clear about who could only be anohito in FS and I only agree on that (and since the first time I read FS translations). So those information make us think of Albert and not Terry. Discussing that, my significant other ridicules my "age spots" on my cheeks and says it makes him need to play come to an obvious conclusion all over. The only place Candy wanted to stay when she was sad, was with Albert. :). He had behaved in a very good manner, but then he met Candy. I wonder if you had already regained your memory at that time. Something i forgot to write on previous comment ( ahhaha to many ideas running on my head now) :You might think i am a die hard fan of candy x albert, but the truth is i dont really care whether anohito is terry or albert, i am equally happy for both options. In opinon I always liked Terry to be with Candy. What could have happened after? In Candy Candy Final Story we learn that Candy end… Sexy Candy & Anohito in the Sims 3 on Vimeo Nagita´s words in he prologue tells that Candy Candy is a story about falling in love and friendship love. You graduate from university - you can be proud. If in fact she truly always had Albert in mind for Candy then the story was told to her satisfaction, no need to indulge in this sort of Final Story-telling.And then, if we are to say the story is about Candy and Albert sexually paring off as man and wife, there is a major factor that anyway it wants to be cut or shown to be made "palatable" or "moral" by fans who overlook this fact for one reason or another, it is still anathema to any society that condemns sexual grooming in any media. Starts the opposition to the marriage Annie / Archie. Cannot just be a coincidence. Oh I thought it might be you who have yet to experience many kind of loves. B2/p143. that food that Candy and Terry share being husband and wife in their lovely house living in Avon upon England my dear.Anneth. What's the point mizuki revealed albert is the prince of the hill, her first love that she still holds dear until the very end. During all anime story she never did, she was always ready to totally forget herself right at the moment she learned anyone is suffering. Just stop, you can dream she is with Albert but the truth is totally different, she is and always belonged to Terry <3. It actually caused more pairing wars than ever. Nov 8, 2019 - Candy Candy is primarily a love story. Then it comes the letter that Susanna wrote to Candy, her obituary and finally a short note from Terry to Candy; “. The fact Candy she didn't go back with Terry after this death and even, his inviting letter leads me to realize she is over him for good. You believe in some God again. All the facts in CCFS that lead to the conclusion of Terry as Anohito. Candy is starting to achieve some happiness living with Albert at their Chicago apartment. So, from the moment they met again, Candy has stayed with him. I'm still trying to get my own opinion but this is very difficult (or almost impossible) as the books have not been translated into English (or another European language)...I fear I will have to spend more hours in front of my computer, trying to find some sites with (incomplete) translations...By the way, I want to thank very very much bequi for having given the links to us with the English translation of some letters.It would be great if other fans could state the available links with English translations of the books. You re-discover Candy Candy (It’s only for your daughter to see it). that affected all Western industrialized countries. In my opinion, of the story she wanted to truly tell was the one presented to us, then in my opinion she really had no need to...yet she still did. or you have never been in love ? The first Anonymous March 07 : Thank you :)The latter Anonymous March 07 : Seriously, you are a fan of CC? She links the letter and makes anchors from section 3 to the epilogue - and it doesn't matter in which translations you read it - original Japaneses, French, Chinese.. (THE LETTERS MIRROR EACH OTHER) and Mizuki makes sure you will find out about it. in the air there is only daffodils odor (Nagita smells it while candy shows her Slim´s paint), and there is only one boy that loves that odor in CCFS! Either to tell him that she was married or that she did not want to see him again or that she wanted to have a last discussion with him and speak about the past.Candy has always been a very spontaneous and courageous girl. You can't separate the chronology from the narrative. Late this year Candy starts her studies in nursing and also learns of Terry becoming an actor. I put my pen down. In the Manga, the anime and the old novel, there were only two plot twists, we all know the story by now, so those plot twists are not even significant any more. Maybe, I am not sure. Just stating the facts people...after all it is the epilogue(conclusion). There are also the cluster letters about Stear (of 21) joining the army (end of 1915 )and dying a year shortly after that (B2/pp220 to 229) in 1916. Again, the best way is the reference to the “Great War”; we know the kids leave the school in London before the war starts (this is before June 1914- Summer) we also know that the kids were in Scotland the summer before (thus this has to be the summer of 1913). : Terry. Candy & Albert trying to be together but they don’t have time. (the romantic relationship between albert & candy is in the epilogue - 47 pages Mizuki wrote + then most of the section III (130 pages) once you put the epilogue back to where it really belong - because also affect both of them.In the other hand, you don't have to do anything with this, if you don't want to, no one is going to force you - Mizuki cannot force anyone to read the book and to fix the chronology and the timeline. Also, the fact that there are things once lost will never return", she is not referring to Terry in the last sentence, but to Anthony's death. The novel candy candy has strong links with many of Shakespeare plays; Romeo & Juliet = costumes are sent by Uncle William AlbertCandy dressed as Juliet is kissed by TerryJuliet played by Susanna played(injured) herself to save Terry = teenagers love sacrificeHamlet, a fan of the theatre and learning. Your lovely dog eats the only picture you had with your grandfather. But "あのひと" is used in very close relationship.”. Also candy is reading the letters and cards that "little Bert" sent her from his trips, the last place mentioned is Sao Paulo. This is like the end of a stage and beginning of new one. Well, it is technically the same river Avon (there are several rivers with the name "Avon" 9 alone in the UK, the more relevant rivers are located in England (but wales and Scotland also have river Avon in their territory).The river Avon, gets is water from the River Severn (the longest in the UK) this Avon river was divided since 1719 below Evesham into;the Upper Avon, from Stratford-upon-Avon (also know as Shakespeare Avon). During his amnesia, he is forced to live like “Albert” because he doesn’t know any better, until he remembers his real self, “When I came to — I was my former self again. I also believe that it makes more sense for Candy to ends up with Albert than with Terry. Posts to Anohito. She enjoys a short period of happiness with the new guy. No offence but this is where people used to write in english . well... Sir William A. Ardlay (aka Uncle William) is a millionaire who adopts Candy, in order to go undercover, he goes by his second name Albert, pretending to be a tramp, a stowaway or working in a zoo among others. Wish me luck! People who went straight to the last pages or reliled on out of context fragments found an Anohito suited to them. But a sequel is necessary to tell the story of their love. Your kid goes first day to school, you can be proud, you go back to work. Although the ending is somewhat open ended, I never doubted that she would end up with Albert.